About the Conference

The Conference Programme encompasses the three main pillars, i.e. Meat Safety, Meat Quality and Risk Communication. Within these three pillars, the range of subtopics grouped in six tracks are provided.


The composition of the Conference Programme emphasizes the importance of the holistic approach to the food safety and quality issues, in the continuum “from farm to fork”.


Note: Please take into consideration that Conference Programme also offers the opportunity to addressing other food chains of animal origin, apart from the meat chain only, e.g.  milk/dairy, eggs, fish/shellfish, honey, feed.


Therefore, we strongly encourage all delegates to submit their research results and/or review papers reflecting the most relevant issues and novel approaches in the chain of food of animal origin.

Track 1

  1. Allergens
  2. Food additives
  3. Food safety: microbiology, contaminants and residues
  4. Natural toxins
  5. Packaging contaminants

Track 2

  1. Advancements in meat (food) packaging
  2. Smart packaging for quality, safety and integrity
  3. Emerging Technologies in Meat Processing
  4. Food Production, Engineering, Processing and Information Technology Sciences
  5. Hygienic Engineering and Design
  6. Food waste management

Track 3

  1. Analytical challenges faced by food industry
  2. Food Analysis, Food Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Sensory,
  3. Food authenticity and fraud
  4. Genomics and Genetics
  5. Omics approaches in food analysis
  6. Smart portable and personalised food analysis systems

Track 4

  1. Animal Welfare, Animal health, related to food safety and quality
  2. Biotechnology to manage meat quality
  3. Food Biotechnology, Novel Bio-products, Functional Foods
  4. Food nanotechnology and Nanoparticles

Track 5

  1. Biologically active, health promoting food components
  2. Consumers Aspects (Behavior, Preferences, etc.)
  3. Dietetics
  4. Food and human health
  5. Food Ingredients and Food Innovations
  6. Food labeling and Nutrition & Health claims (national, international and global harmonization)
  7. Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)
  8. Public Health, Nutrition, Chronic diseases

Track 6

  1. Education, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer
  2. Food Chain Management, Marketing, Economics
  3. One health in food safety and security
  4. Risk analysis (Assessment, Characterization, Management, Communication),
  5. Impact of climate change on the food chain