Dear conference participants,

Welcome to the  60th International Meat Industry Conference 2019 at Mt. Kopaonik, Serbia!


The International Meat Industry Conference (MeatCon) is the biennial conference which for the past 60 years has been organized by Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology in Serbia. Already since 1955 the Institute has organised this regular gathering of scientific experts of food industry. The theme of this year’s conference is SAFE FOOD FOR HEALTHY FUTURE.


We are proud to host twenty distinguished keynote speakers, addressing the theme from different angles in their field of expertise. The conference is funded by long-standing and committed support from the Serbian government and major meat processing facilities. Providing a platform for Serbian and European researchers to meet and cooperate at MeatCon2019 is becoming ever more important, in addition to creating a prime meeting place for researchers. The main conference venue is Mt. Kopaonik.


Owing to the continental and Mediterranean climate and air currents, which can only be found here, the harmonious relationship between wooded areas of firs, pines and spruces and spacious meadows populated with beautiful plants, rivers and streams, the unpolluted air, healthy and clean water, a large number of annual sunny days, the hospitality of the people and the beautiful ski slopes, Mt. Kopaonik has become a renowned summer and winter tourist hotspot with the longest tourist tradition of any of Serbia’s mountains. Because Mt. Kopaonik’s climate is ideal for people wanting to stay healthy and fit, and also lends itself to the treatment of various respiratory diseases, anaemia, minor heart and blood vessel disorders and, in particular, thyroid disorders, it has been designated a climatic health resort.

The members of the Organising Committee

  1. Dr Branko Velebit, Chairman;
  2. Sasa Precanica, vice president;
  3. Lazar Milojevic, member;
  4. Aleksandra Nikolic, member;
  5. Nikola Betic, member;
  6. Aleksandar Bajcic, member;
  7. Stefan Simunovic, member;
  8. Danijela Sarcevic, member;
  9. Igor Milosevic, member;
  10. Gordana Terzic, member;
  11. Andrea Koncar, member;
  12. Zoran Trivan, member;