The Carnex story is the one of quality, responsible business conduct and a 65 years long tradition.


The very beginning of production in Carnex in 1958 marked the expansion of foreign markets, primarily the English market. The most important raw material that we exported, then was domestic bacon, which to this day has retained the same important place on our dining tables. Since then, our path to a leading position in the meat industry has begun, which we have built with dedication, persistence and strictly taking care of maintaining a consistent quality, of our employees and the environment in which we work and live.


Our main goal has always been to maintain recognizable quality and responsible business, to preserve the traditional recipe, but also to follow the advanced technologies and the wishes of the modern consumer.
The process of production and quality control has developed gradually and over time.


The approach was unique in this area – from the fields to the dining table.
Our fertile Vojvodina plain provides the highest quality of raw materials for feeding our livestock fund. They are carefully stored in silos and prepared for the production of high-quality cattle feeds with high nutritional values produced in our fodder factory. This fodder is used for livestock feeding on our three farms for pig breeding. The production process ends in our factories where favorite products of all generations are manufactured. And this has been going on for more then six decades…

The origins of Zlatiborac company date back to 1885, when centuries-long tradition of meat curing and smoking process started, in an astonishing ambient of the village of Mačkat in the Zlatibor mountain.


As the leading company in the category of durable cured meat products in the Serbian market, it successfully operates in the regional and foreign markets, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, Belarus, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Russian Federation.


The business process is carried out within the facilities covering the area of 40,000m2, implementing the highly developed technological equipment. The product portfolio consists of two subcategories of durable and semi-durable cured meat products.


Since its foundation, Zlatiborac company has been continuously investing in optimization and standardization of the production process. The certificates obtained and standards implemented – HACCP, IFS, EAC ensure the quality and safety of its products.


Within the “HAM AND SAUSAGE QUALITY COMPETITION”, up to 2022 we won 153 medals (DLG) by the German Agricultural Society, one of the most important institutes of food product quality assurance in Europe.

Since its founding in 1991 as a craft trade store “MIM”, the company has always strived for the rise and development of production and today has become the leading company in Serbia in the production, processing and trade of meat and meat products. Today the company employs more than 1700, of whom more than 1100 are employed in 162 retail outlets all over Serbia, from south to north. It consists of 106 companies in the field of agriculture, trade and catering. IM Matijević d.o.o. together with these companies it forms one conglomerate, which unites 3,300 employees. “Matijević Agrar” cultivates about 36,000 ha of agricultural land in the province of Vojvodina and about 2,000 ha in the Republic of Croatia.


The production lines have all been built in the last couple of years and occupy an area of 35,000 m2. Especially worth noting are:


  • modern line of slaughter of large cattle with a capacity of 1,500 units / 8 hours
  • modern poultry slaughter line with a capacity of 4,500 pieces / hour
  • cutting line matching the capacity of the slaughter line
  • machine processing with filling line for finished products, capacity 120 tonnes/day
  • non-perishable foods line, capacity 300 tonnes/month • deep-freeze chambers, capacity up to 3000 tonnes

Neoplanta is one of the leading meat production and processing companies in Serbia, which bases its production on a tradition of more than a century.


Vojvodina’s multicultural environment has influenced the uniqueness of the taste of Neoplanta premium quality produscts with its recipes and methods of meat processing.


Neoplanta has a unique tehnology for smoke filtering by using water that gives products an additional stamp of quality and sets us apart from the competition.


Strategy of Neoplanta is to focus on our key brands development  through clear and differentiated market position, as well as the innovation pipeline and communication that the company is known for today.  All of our brands are the property of Neoplanta and they are registered in Serbia and the key markets in which they are sold.


Quality orientation is reflected in the fact that: over the past 7 years we have invested over 25m euros in modernization of production in order to respond in a qualitative manner to the needs of consumers and ensure the safe and continuous quality of each product that comes out of production.


We have also implemented key standards of safety and quality and established partnerships with key and world famous suppliers of raw materials and spices.


From 2023, Neoplanta also has an IPPC permit.

Perutnina Ptuj – Topiko is a modern company whose main goal is to prepare natural, healthy and tasty food. We operate within the MHP Group, one of the leading international groups in the food processing industry as well one of the most successful poultry meat producers in Europe.


As responsible individuals and as a company, we set the highest standards for quality, traceability, safety, and ecology.  Carefully balancing tradition, nature, and state-of-the-art technology, we contribute to the better life of the individual, local environment, and society as a whole.


We have set our own QST System (quality, safety, traceability) which is a comprehensive system for monitoring and implementing different policies and international standards of quality, safety and attitude towards the environment, on which we daily work upon.


The Perutnina Ptuj – Topiko operates with vertically integrated production. From the field to the table a cycle is complete. All phases of the cultivation of the land, feeding, fattening, transport, processing and product flow are closely monitored.


We grow with recognizable brands PP and Poli.


Perutnina Ptuj brand draws its inspiration from tradition and reflects its values  and its character. The variety of product lines within the PP brand can meet all the needs of our consumers that spring up in a day and according to the season. PP brand products range from meat, sausages and snacks to quickly prepared warm and healthy meals.


Since its birth in 1974 until today, Poli brand maintains the primacy of the first chicken sausage on the market for its innovation, products and quality. Today it is No. 1 chicken sausage in Europe. Among the products of chicken meat, there are included sausages, cold meats, pate and snacks.

Since it was founded in 1996, Analysis d.o.o. offers high-quality instruments and reliable solutions for your laboratory.


The primary activities of Analysis d.o.o. are wholesale, maintenance and servicing of analytical, process, and general laboratory equipment, along with training users and providing application support for successful and high-quality work on the instrument.


The sales assortment includes equipment applied in the food and beverage production, pharmaceutical industry, environmental sciences, and other industries, as well as science, forensics and medicine – whether it is used for analysis, research, quality control or process monitoring.


Analysis d.o.o. collaborates with world leaders in laboratory equipment manufacturing, in order to fulfill the needs of our users and establish long-term collaboration to the pleasure of both parties. Our vision and goal is to become a strong and reliable support of every laboratory.

Yuhor represents one of the leading companies in the field of meat industry in Serbia, with the longest tradition of business since 1902.


This obliges us to guarantee the production of quality, health-safe and nutritionally valuable products as a key imperative in our business. The standards that Yuhor as a manufacturer meets are a confirmation of the quality of our products. Our consumers are those who do not want to compromise quality in their daily diet, as well as consumers who are looking for innovative recipes and flavors.


The entire production capacity of Yuhor is located in Jagodina, at the foot of the Yuhor mountain.


In addition to the production of meat and meat products, since 2015 we have been developing our Yuhor Dućan retail network.


Yuhor products are available to consumers in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Russia and the EU.


We achieve strength and stability with the top quality of our products, modern production methods and the application of the strictest business standards, providing consumers with security, trust and satisfaction.


In the meat industry, Yuhor is synonymous with tradition, safety, quality and innovation, and these are the postulates we will always follow.

Established in 2006, SUPER VET d.o.o. is a family-owned company specializing in the distribution of high-quality and innovative laboratory consumables and reagents. At the core of our business lies a deep commitment to enhancing the quality of life for both people and animals. Our focus extends to vital areas, including food safety, microbiology, veterinary diagnostics, environmental testing, phyto diagnostics, and water testing, with a strong presence in the Veterinary, Agriculture, and Industrial Microbiology sectors.


Collaborating with esteemed partners such as Gold Standard Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Oxoid), Bioreba, and Test Veritas amongst others, we remain at the forefront of industry advancements. This close partnership ensures we introduce cutting-edge products and technologies to our markets.


Super Vet is more than a business; it’s a commitment to excellence, quality, and enduring partnerships in the world of laboratory solutions.