The Carnex story is the one of quality, responsible business conduct and a 65 years long tradition.


The very beginning of production in Carnex in 1958 marked the expansion of foreign markets, primarily the English market. The most important raw material that we exported, then was domestic bacon, which to this day has retained the same important place on our dining tables. Since then, our path to a leading position in the meat industry has begun, which we have built with dedication, persistence and strictly taking care of maintaining a consistent quality, of our employees and the environment in which we work and live.


Our main goal has always been to maintain recognizable quality and responsible business, to preserve the traditional recipe, but also to follow the advanced technologies and the wishes of the modern consumer.
The process of production and quality control has developed gradually and over time.


The approach was unique in this area – from the fields to the dining table.
Our fertile Vojvodina plain provides the highest quality of raw materials for feeding our livestock fund. They are carefully stored in silos and prepared for the production of high-quality cattle feeds with high nutritional values produced in our fodder factory. This fodder is used for livestock feeding on our three farms for pig breeding. The production process ends in our factories where favorite products of all generations are manufactured. And this has been going on for more then six decades…

Since it was founded in 1996, Analysis d.o.o. offers high-quality instruments and reliable solutions for your laboratory.

The primary activities of Analysis d.o.o. are wholesale, maintenance and servicing of analytical, process, and general laboratory equipment, along with training users and providing application support for successful and high-quality work on the instrument.

The sales assortment includes equipment applied in the food and beverage production, pharmaceutical industry, environmental sciences, and other industries, as well as science, forensics and medicine – whether it is used for analysis, research, quality control or process monitoring.

Analysis d.o.o. collaborates with world leaders in laboratory equipment manufacturing, in order to fulfill the needs of our users and establish long-term collaboration to the pleasure of both parties.

Our vision and goal is to become a strong and reliable support of every laboratory.