Plenary and Parallel Session Speaker Guidelines


Speakers of plenary sessions will be allotted 15 minutes for presentation plus additional 5 minutes dedicated to discussion.


Invited speakers will be allotted 15 minutes for presentation plus additional 5 minutes dedicated to discussion.


Please note that the Chairpersons of your session will have strict instructions to enforce this time limit, so time your lecture carefully!

The following points should be taken into consideration when preparing your oral presentation:


  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your session. A PC computer provided by the meeting will be available in each room. Bring your presentation on a flash drive to load on the conference computer.
  • Power Point version that will be available on AV laptop is 2016. Please verify your presentation is compatible.
  • If you use your own computer, please be sure to disable all screen savers, system sounds and passwords.
  • MAC USERS: Please make sure that all inserted pictures are either JPEG or PNG file-types. QuickTime files are also an accepted video format.
  • If you will use your own computer it is recommended that you bring the correct display port to VGA video adapter for your particular Mac model.
  • Acceptable formats for presentations: PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Flash (.swf), Keynote.
  • Video Formats: The recommended video format for presentations is Windows Media (.wmv) or Quicktime (.mov).
  • There is a trade-off between high quality videos and large files. Use short video segments when needed, and try to keep the file to less than 20 MB.
  • PowerPoint embeds image files directly into the file when you save them, while video files are not embedded. Only a link is made to the video file. Copy the video clips you want to insert into the same folder as the PowerPoint file. This will eliminate the problem of PowerPoint losing the link to the file. Be certain to bring the video files and the PowerPoint files to the meeting.
  • Fonts: Arial and Helvetica are recommended for clarity and compatibility. Confirm a font size of AT LEAST 24 points for body text and 36 – 40 points for headings. Confirm that the maximum number of lines in text slides is no more than 6 or 7.
  • Bring a Backup: Be sure to bring a backup copy of your presentation with you to the meeting.

Students and Young Researcher’s Oral Presentations


MEATCON2023 strongly supports undergraduate students and/or young researchers in delivering an oral presentation to demonstrate oral communication competence.


All interested participants falling into aforementioned categories are invited to send an email to the Chairman of the Programme Committee.